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Episode 13 Show Outline

Podcast #13 Show Notes

  • Stamp News:  The Marilyn Monroe Auction
    • December 6, 2014 Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills is holding an auction of property from the personal and professional life of Marilyn Monroe.
    • 33 pages of the auction catalog are dedicated to letters, including a “heartbreaking letter to Monroe from her soon to be ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio. It was written just after Monroe’s press conference announcing the couple’s divorce. DiMaggio writes about watching that press conference on television. It is clear in the letter that the baseball superstar did not want their marriage to end and he asks Monroe to reconsider.”
    • Fan letters, postcards, financial docs, telegraphs and celebrity letters are among the list.
  • Stamp Collecting and History: Frederick Douglass
    • December, 1847 Frederick Douglass publishes the first issue of his newspaper “North Star”, that was an anti-slavery newspaper which ran from Dec 1847-Jun 1851. The first U.S. stamp on which he appeared is the 25 cent Scott #1290 Douglass, which began production in 1965 and had a long run, finally ending on Nov. 24, 1986.  This stamp is the focus of an investigation found in the November 2014 volume of “The United States Specialist,” in an article titled “Regulatory Ink Change and an Unrecognized Color Variety: The 25c Frederick Douglass Definitive” by Charles Neyhart, which we will be referencing later during our discussion on Color Varieties.
  • Updates: Caj has some apologies he would like to make…
    • Steve Patillo, the originator of our sign and namesake as well as the upcoming ORCOEXP.
    • 2014-12-15 18.01.26Steve’s lucky tongs with his favorite color: deep reddish violet.
    • Stephen Pattillo

      P.O. Box 604, Fullerton, CA 92836
      Phone: 888-995-0548
      Fax: 562-694-2323


    • Orco Expo : January 9-11, 2015
      • Friday, Jan. 9: 10 am to 6 pm
      • Saturday, Jan. 10: 10 am to 6 pm
      • Sunday, Jan. 11: 10 am to 4 pm
    • Orco Expo

      Orco Expo 2015

  • #Stamp Stories:  Star Wars

    Help me!

    • Also, until there are new topical stamp releases for Star Wars, which we all know is coming, I have found a few fixes to get you through the year until the movie release and all the impending merchandising.  I came across for those of you that need to fill those gaps in your album.
      • Fan boys have been busy
      • I found a graphic artist, Stefan van Zoggel, who created a series of classic looking postage stamps depicting Bespin, the Forest Moon of Endor, Alderaan, Tatooine and more, released about two years ago.  They are avabile to to view at: which is an article by Angela Watercutter called “Star Wars stamps cover all your intergalactic Mail Needs”.
      • Bespin Stamp


        Mustafar Stamp


    • You can still purchase FDCs from the USPS website from 2007, the year they released the Yoda stamp among others.  If I remember correctly we had a Gilce print of the Star Wars sheet hanging in the office for a long time.
    • Tell us your what you favorite Star Wars stamp is at Facebook or Twitter.
  • Expert Topic
    • Where do stamp shades come from?
    • What’s with the names?
    • The science of shade varieties?
    • Where can I find shade examples (Pantone)?
    • The controversy!
    • Outdated!?!
    • Do I have the one in a million?

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