Epidose 84 – Alexander Hamilton – His life, His times and his stamps – but mostly his stamps as we are all stamp collecting

Start Play Welcome to episode #84 – one that I (Caj) have been looking forward to doing as I love Alexander Hamilton’s story, his life and times.  The podcast will discuss who this fellow is and then use this as an introduction to him being on the 30 cent Bank Note stamp – which is a … more

Episode 83 – NEGOTIATING SKILLS – Not just for stamp collecting but for Disney Pins, Magic Cards, Automobiles like on PAWN STARS

Start Play Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today, Episode #83.  This week we discuss negotiating for stamps, magic cards, Disney pins, automobiles and everything else that is for sale.  We have been in the stamp business a very long time and together with some top negotiator’s lists, we have assembled a must listen for anyone who wants … more

Episode 82 – Patent Medicie, The early Snake Oil, the advertising and the stamps – for both historians and stamp collecting

Start Play Episode #82 – Everything a stamp collector needs to know about Patent Medicine stamps, Cocaine, Morphine, Jamaican Ginger and other stuff that will curl your toes (the real stuff will curl more than that!).  Also some emails, and as always – Caj’s Corrections.  PICTURES WILL BE POSTED TO YOUTUBE at our channel – … more

Episode 80 – Selling your stamps to a stamp dealer. Benefits and Pit Falls to stamp collecting

Start Play Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today, Episode #80.  Today we will be discussing SELLING YOUR STAMPS.  We will be dealing in particular with selling your stamps to a stamp dealer, both the advantages and disadvantages.  After listening to this episode, you will be able to make a better decision on whether this is … more