Episode #181 – German East Africa in WW1 and Varnish Bars in Austria

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #181

Today we discuss German East Africa in World War 1 and General Vorbeck.  This interesting area, that most people couldn’t point to on a map in a drunken bet but after this episode, you will know all these colonies and what they did in World War 1.

Then on a happier note, we discuss pre-war Austria and their experiment with adding varnish bars to stamps.


Episode #179 – Today we are discussing the Simpsons and Precancels

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #179

 Today we are discussing the Simpsons and Precancels.

We discuss a 2 cent Harding stamp (GO TO FACEBOOK; TO THE STAMP SHOW HERE TODAY PAGE, TO SEE IT) that has a precancel from Springfield so we couldn’t help ourselves but to discuss the Simpsons.

Then, because we are a stamp podcast we also delve into the precancel itself and discuss the history of precanceled stamps. Why, How, When – we cover all the bases on precancels on stamps including if one with full gum that has never been used is “Mint” or not.

Episode #175 – How did Morocco cause World War 1? Are we crazy?

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #175

Today we ask the question “How did Morocco cause World War 1?”  Are we crazy?  Well listen and let’s see if you agree that the seeds of World War 1 go back to the 1905 Morocco crisis.  Also, as Scott would ask, “What does this have to do with stamps?”.   Well we cover the fascinating stamp issues which arose from this and the other “dominoes” that caused World War 1.

We also give a shout out to Bradley Fritts who won the ITS NOT JUST STAMPS award at Westpex 2018.

Lastly, as we are discussing World War 1, we talk about expertizing the AEF stamp booklet panes issued for the american soldiers in France.

Episode #173 – The New Lady Liberty stamps and the American Philatelic Society which will host the first day ceremony.

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #173

This week we will be talking about the new dollar value Lady Liberty stamps which will have their first day ceremony at the American Philatelic Society headquarters.  We discuss the APS also, and strongly suggest that if you are not a member that you should be.

We also discuss the other first day ceremonies, the Dragon and Magic stamps and then open some listener mail.