Episode #171 – Today we are discussing our favorite stamps. Also eBay picture size issues and picking a good picture editor.

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #171

Today we are discussing our favorite stamps. This is a visual thing so anyone who wants to see the stamps go to our Facebook page at StampShowHereToday to see the stamps.

We also answer a listener email on eBay pictures. Size of the pictures matters and having access to a easy to use picture editor will help anyone selling on eBay.

Episode #168 – Today We Go to the Other Side and Discuss Warren Buffett and His Brief Journey into Stamp Collecting/Investing.

Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today – Episode #168

Last week we discussed stamp investing and mister Bill Gross’s upcoming auction sale of some of the best stamps of the United States.

We, today we go to the other side and discuss Warren Buffett and his brief journey into stamp collecting/investing. So if you are afraid of the “I” word (Investing) curl up with your comfort animal in your safe space and prepare to hear all about the 4 cent blue eagle airmail stamp.

Episode #167 – The Bill Gross Sale of US Stamps and Mister Zip… Enjoy or Mister Zip Will Come to Get You!

Welcome to episode #167

After a long witty banter (or just banter) section we discuss the upcoming Bill Gross sale of the greatest stamps in US Philately (19 minute marker). After that it is all about Mister Zip. Yes this eclectic fellow of old is discussed from origins to a possible evil twin. (31 minute marker).

Enjoy or Mister Zip will come to get you!

Episode #164 – With All the Discussion on Real Estate We Have to Ask… Can We Tie This to Stamp Collecting? The Answer Is Obviously, Yes.

Welcome to episode #164.

Today we are discussing Real Estate Stamps. With all the discussion on real estate we have to ask… Can we tie this to stamp collecting? Well the answer is obviously yes. We discuss the Red Revenues of the 1940s to the 1950s that adorn almost every deed of that time period. (6 minute marker)


Episode #162 – The Stamps of World War 1

Welcome to Episode #162.

There were a few stamps printed by the United States specifically for World War 1. These include the very elusive AEF (American Expeditionary Forces) stamps printed for the use of soldiers to mail letters home, and also the War Savings stamps (to pay for the war). We discuss some things about the AEF stamps that may allow you to find some of these gems. We also discuss what the War Savings stamps are and how they were used.

World War 1 is 100 years old this year… Happy Birthday (4 minute marker)