Episode #161 – We Just Got Back from Aripex and Discuss This Great Show

Welcome to Episode #161.

We just got back from ARIPEX and discuss (in my opinion) one of the best stamp shows in the country. While there we had the chance to speak with a few people including a Hopi Kachina Doll maker which – while not actually about stamps, I left in because he was so interesting and his work was so nice.

While listening to him you will hear a scratching sort of sound in the podcast… That is because he was actually carving one of his Kachina Dolls while we were talking.

As always – Go on Facebook to see the covers and Kachina Dolls we are discussing.


Episode #160 – Today We Discuss the Winter Olympics Stamps. Also, Its Valentine’s Day so… Love Stamps. Enjoy

Welcome to episode #160.

Today we discuss the Winter Olympics stamps of the United States. Yes, the sports event that has us all watching for who can slide across the ice the fastest is going on right now and it has a very interesting philatelic history (minute marker 3)

After that… Today is Valentine ’s Day. With love in the air we also discuss the history of the Love stamps. (Minute marker 18)


Episode #94 – Mad Magazine Parody Stamps of 1964

Welcome to Episode #94.

This week we talk about the Mad Magazines 1964 MORE TRASH faux postage stamps – including the infamous Dag Hammarskjold parody stamp. We also answer listener emails as well as take an early look at the US Post Office’s 2017 stamp issues. Also there is a talk with the Youth Coordinator for SESCAL’s youth area.