Meet the Cast

Stamp Show Here Today Cast
The Case (left to right): Geoffrey, Scott, Stamp Show Steve, Dawn, Caj and Jessica

Scott Murphy

Scott is an entrepreneur and full time stamp expert. He has made it his life goal to know every single US Stamp front to back, literally. He has actually done a very good job of accomplishing this so far; there are only a very, very few that he can’t identify on the spot. Actually, so far we haven’t been able to stump him. He can be seen at practically every stamp show in Southern California as well as many of the larger national stamp shows held around the United States. He is retired from the Navy, having served 20 years including 5 deployments to the Middle East and 2 trips around the world.  Scott collects anything US that he finds interesting with emphasis on the unusual (he already has more than enough of the mundane).

Caj Brejtfus

Caj is the product of a lifetime of stamp collecting, wine making, and economics.  He became a semi retired expert in 2012 and can often be found wheeling and dealing at local stamp shows. While at shows he can smell British Penny Reds from 2 tables away and can easily be identified by his unmistakable cackle. His witty and strange sense of humor simply adds to the melting pot that is Stamp Show Here Today. He has an odd fascination with many things (chicken stamps, giclees, and any combination thereof). We invade his office on a weekly basis to record our show. If you need an opinion on wine, 1800’s Politics or Scotts #10s, 11s, 25s, or 26s he is your guy. Caj collects stuff of the 1851-1859 era (The Industrial Evolution) for the love of the backstory;  the change in America from local farming and riding a horse into goods from far away places (like Baltimore), Sewers and riding a Train at speeds well over 20 miles per hour.

Tom Schilling

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